Sunday, 23 January 2011

Losing a pet

Grief is such a timeless thing. Over a year ago, we lost our beautiful dog Vic who had epilepsy. Even now that we have a new dog, we still think we see and hear Vic everywhere.

We recently got a new bin for our kitchen. A big black bin. Whenever we'd see it, we would think it was Vic who was a big black dog. We had to buy stickers to put on the bin so we wouldn't make that mistake.

Talking to other dog lovers, its clear that we are not alone in seeing our deceased pets everywhere.

There is no timeline on grief. Nor should we feel guilty that we are grieving for an animal and not a human being, because it shows we have compassion. It also shows that we don't value animal life less than human life, which is I believe, something to be proud of. 

Vic with one of his favourite things - ice cream

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