Thursday, 2 August 2012

5 Things you need to know about dogs

Every dog needs a place to rest his or her head.

1. Dogs need a place of their own where they can feel safe. This should be out of the way of you and any children you have. Nobody should intrude in the dog's space. It's his territory. His safe place.

2. They need consistency. Don't tell your dog one minute that they can't sit up on the couch then tell them they can and complain when they do.

3. Don't confuse cupboard love for real love. There's a reason why so many dogs are over weight because they are fed too much and not exercised enough. My rescue dog Benjy loves carrots. They contain mainly water, are low fat and are great for dogs' teeth. He also turns eating one into a chasing game.

4. When it comes to commands, keep them simple and consistent. Unless you do your dog will get confused and you  might mistake it for disobedience. Use commands like sit, stay, down, drop it. Say these commands in an even voice, don't shout. If someone was shouting at you and you were scared of them, would you do as they said or would you go off with your tail between your legs?

5. Dogs need a long term commitment from you. This commitment should mean they are exercised regularly, played with and taken to the vet for vaccinations. Every dog deserves to be loved and cared for. Caring for Your Dog: The Essential Guide offers tips on how to do that.