Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Why you should mocrochip your pet

Missing Dog Found After Five Years

Five years ago, Craig Kline was in a car crash and he broke his neck. His 11-month-old puppy Baxter was with him and run off.

For months the Kline family searched for their missing pooch, without any luck.

They thought they would never see him again.

Then five years later, they got a call. Baxter had been found and thanks to the microchip they knew he belonged to the Klines.

Now Baxter is back home, acting like he'd never left.

This story was brought to you by get your dog chipped dot com.

Note - on some occasions, microchips can fail or be lost as happened in this case
It's estimated that 100 pets a year have a missing or failed microchip on arrival in the UK. Always get your microchip scanned by your vet to make sure it is working properly before you leave.