Sunday, 20 March 2011

Watch out colourants about!

Benjy has been as sick as a dog this week. After narrowing down what he had eaten, we think the colourant Copper Sulphate (spelt Sulfate in the US) that was in the two different types of chews he ate, may have been what made him sick.

On looking up this colourant online, I was shocked to find out the following -

It's used to clean swimming pools of algae and pests.

It's not toxic in small amounts - My worry is that means an accumulate amount over time is not good for you, or your dog.

From now on, I will be avoiding giving Benjy anything containing this stuff.

Thankfully, he is better now.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

We didn’t rescue him, he rescued us!

We got Benjy from Glasgow Dogs’ Trust and were so lucky to get him. We’d lost our beloved dog Vic recently and were devastated. Neither of us could go to the bathroom unless the other one was outside. We’d be constantly crying and when we weren’t crying, there was a awful numbness about us.

Food had lost all its taste. We’d lost all reason for living. There were times I genuinely thought of walking into the sea until it submerged me and I was no more.

Getting Benjy brought us back from the brink.

Maybe getting a rescue dog could change your life too?

Here are 5 good reasons to get a rescue dog -

1-You will be helping to put an end to the spread of puppy farms where puppies are raised in cages and treated like factory farmed cattle. Many dogs are so ill they have to be put down shortly after someone buys one.

People can be conned into buying a puppy from a puppy farm, by ads in local newspapers offering puppies for sale.

This is the reality of a puppy farm (I'm sorry for showing it, but all us animal lovers need to spread the word –

Thanks go to the Elia Hammon Trust for this distressing photograph-

2-Unless dogs find homes they may end up being put down. Dogs Trust have a policy of never putting a healthy dog to sleep. Not every body that takes in animals can say that.

Fact – In 2008, eleven unwanted dogs were put down each day in Northern Ireland. Note - Unwanted does not mean they were in bad health.

3-It can seem unmanageable trying to change the world into a more caring one. By getting a rescue dog you will be making a difference.

4-Those who have rescue dogs say that they are more loving and loyal than other dogs.

5-Usually the charities you get dogs from can tell you about the dog’s personality. That way you know what to expect from your four legged friend.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Tips for an easy move with your dog

He'll always find something to do whilst your busy!

Moving home can be stressful for you and your dog. How do you make it easier on your four legged friend?

Here's some tips -

Make sure before you move that you register with the local vet and take any relevant paperwork with you, including details of inoculations and any medications your dog is on. 

If your pet is on medication make sure you get enough to do you way beyond your next vet visit. 

If you are taking your dog with you in the car, ensure that they are secured in the back with a dog harness or doggy seatbelt.  Alternatively use a dog carrier.  Loose dogs can cause accidents. 

Don’t alter your dog’s routine simply because you have moved.  Dogs like routine; it makes them feel safe. 

If at all possible, take your four legged friend to visit his new home before you move.  That way he can get used to his new surroundings and smells. 

If the previous occupant of the house had pets make sure you give the place a good airing and a good clean.  This is you and your pet’s home now.

There is a spray and diffuser you can get which mimics the smell of a mother dog and makes your pooch feel safe, like he did when he was a puppy.  Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) is the hormone that a mother dog secretes for the first week of giving birth to her puppies to make them feel safe and secure.  You can also get it in collar form and various people I know who have used it thoroughly recommend it, although it can be expensive. 

5 Things you should never give your dog

Here are the five most dangerous things for any dog -

1. Human chocolate - this can poison them and kill them. Never leave any where your dog can get them. This includes Easter Eggs and boxes of chocolates that you think they can't get at.

2. Rat poison - this is very appetising for dogs as it tastes nice and sweet.

3. Alcohol - dogs should never be given this. This can raise their heart rate and cause them to have heart failure.

4. Cooked bones - these can splitter and choke your dog. If you really must give your dog bones, make them raw ones. But, even these can be dangerous too as they are uncooked they may contain bacterial that can give your dog food poisoning.

5. Human medicine - This includes painkillers and vitamins. Many are highly toxic to dogs.

Note - If your dog eats any of these things, contact your vet immediately. Delays could kill your dog.

How do you put a diaper on a dog?

My mum and dad recently adopted a toy poodle called Luna. They took her to the vet to see about getting her spayed as she’s 11-months-old and in her second season. The vet told them she was too small to have the surgery and it would have to wait. 

So, twenty-years after they changed their last nappy, they are back to putting one on their latest arrival.

They bought nappies for newborns and they are still too big!  And there’s the problem of where to put the tail!

Every morning they wake up and she has somehow wriggled out of the nappy.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Woman returns rescue dog because it clashes with her curtains!

I could not believe this -

How could anyone be that shallow?

This woman should be ashamed of herself for being such a pathetic, callous human being.

We got Benjy after a woman adopted him from the Dogs Trust, then brought him back because she couldn't be bothered putting drops in  his ears. Her stupidity brought us joy. 

My mum and dad's wee surprise

For the past twelve years, my mum and dad have had Rottweilers. But, these days they have rescued toy poodle called Lucky. So far, she's had THREE different homes and she's only 11-months-old.

Isn't she a darling?

Benjy in a magazine

Benjy is developing diva like tastes. He won't drink out of a normal dog dish - he insists on a fountain - and will only eat the finest fillet steak (it has to be cit first).

Maybe it's because there's an article on him in this month's Dogs Monthly Magazine.

Next he'll be demanding an agent to get on the old dog and bone!