Caring for Your Dog - The Essential Guide

Caring for Your Dog - The Essential Guide was published by Need2Know Books in 2011.

It includes things like -
What injections your dog needs and why

Making your puppy feel at home

Travelling with your dog

Dealing with doggy horrors like ticks and fleas

Your dog and the law - what the Dangerous Dog Act means to you

Is pet insurance worth the cost?

Adopting a rescue dog

Caring for a special needs dog - my last dog, Vic, was epileptic

Go here to read excerpts from the book. Just click on the link for the topic you fancy for a preview.

The book is available from Amazon and directly from the publisher's and costs £9.99. It's also available as an ebook.

Note - if you buy the book from the publisher's site you get the ebook version free.

Caring for Your Dog is dedicated to Vic Pup, the bravest dog I have ever known.  He suffered from epilepsy, but was always full of life and when we went for long walks on the island where we lived, he always blazed the trail.