Monday, 7 March 2011

5 Things you should never give your dog

Here are the five most dangerous things for any dog -

1. Human chocolate - this can poison them and kill them. Never leave any where your dog can get them. This includes Easter Eggs and boxes of chocolates that you think they can't get at.

2. Rat poison - this is very appetising for dogs as it tastes nice and sweet.

3. Alcohol - dogs should never be given this. This can raise their heart rate and cause them to have heart failure.

4. Cooked bones - these can splitter and choke your dog. If you really must give your dog bones, make them raw ones. But, even these can be dangerous too as they are uncooked they may contain bacterial that can give your dog food poisoning.

5. Human medicine - This includes painkillers and vitamins. Many are highly toxic to dogs.

Note - If your dog eats any of these things, contact your vet immediately. Delays could kill your dog.

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